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Frequently Asked Questions


1. If Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is so wonderful, why has it not been more widely accepted?

Probably the main reason is that the numerous benefits cut across different disciplines: energy, pollution control, slurry management and nutrient recovery. Methane emission reduction is now a major environmental pressure and AD can turn this negative problem into a positive solution.

Ignorance of AD technology is gradually diminishing and it is now being widely adopted in many countries around the world.


2. Are digesters easy to operate?

Yes. A properly designed system well-integrated into a farm or waste management site is very straightforward. We have experience building digesters in conventional locations, as well as in stone buildings, under cow sheds and near a monastery. Many operational digesters are completely automatic, requiring only a few simple daily checks.




AD Flowers

The virtually odourless separated fibre produced from digesters can be used as an organic soil conditioner for gardens and crops.